Prior To The Day


On The Day




Wash walls and ceilings (if necessary repaint)


Replace towels and mats in the bathroom

Clean doors and window frames


Play soft music

Ensure all lights work


Brew some fresh coffee

Clean all installed electrical appliances


Add vases of fresh flowers around the home

Clear all surfaces of clutter


If it's a hot day turn on the airconditioning

Remove all mould and mildew from bathroom


If it's a cool day turn on the heater

Replace shower curtain if necessary


Ensure beds are made, dishes washed and papers/ toys are put away







Clean or paint the gate and letterbox


Ensure paths are clear of leaves and grass

Pay attention to any creepers and branches


Rake up leaves and other garden debris

Apply lawn fertiliser to green up the lawns


Roll up hose and store any garden tools or childrens toys

Keep the lawn neatly mown (and use a hedge trimmer)


Remove pool equipment and store away from sight

Vacuum the pool and clear of any leaves



Clean tiles/decking or paving around the edge of the pool